Breaking free from anxiety

freedom-2768515Many of us know what it feels like to be anxious. Some of us drive ourselves crazy worrying about the things that may or may not happen. We convince ourselves that we have a lot to worry about; our past mishaps, our turbulent childhood, troubled relationships, mistakes at work and failed career goals. We walk around with one foot in the present moment and the other foot battling with an array of questions: It would be awful if? What if this happens? What will I do? How will I cope?

Ok, so were anxious and we know it. Then what? We make a plan to live life differently. We start to work through our worries, one-by-one we untangle each worry and then expect our anxiety to disappear. To our dismay, what we find happens is that our mind simply moves on to worrying about something else. This means that we have to dig a little deeper and search a little harder to truly overcome our anxiety. For some people, this requires a whole re-examination of their approach to life, and for others it simply means making small reasonable adjustments to their life.

Below I share with you, the top 4 tips to work towards breaking-free from anxiety.

Embrace uncertainty

Anxiety is exacerbated by our difficulties accepting the uncertainty of the future. Often, we find ourselves engaging in behaviours to make the uncertain certain. This is all good and well if things go our way, but if they don’t, we quickly find ourselves feeling anxious and out of control. I have discovered over the years that we don’t need to control everything and letting go of some things can help free up some space. Identify what you do and don’t have control over and then let your worries go if they are outside of your control. Trust that everything will be OK.


Reasoning things out with someone you trust can help you to put your worries in their true perspective. In this way, anxiety loses its power over you.

Attend to the present moment

Redirect your mind to connecting with your present environment. This attention to the present moment often brings with it the gift of sanity and peace.

Replace your fears with faith

A great way to combat anxiety is to search within for some faith in yourself and your future. Often, believing that things will improve, even if you don’t know exactly how, is all you need to lessen your anxiety.

Author: Sharon Sandu

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